Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tibetan Nomad Music

Tenzin Choegyal draws on his traditional Tibetan roots to create music which expresses his thoroughly modern life. Since his world music debut in 1997 in Australia, Tenzin’s cantering rhythms, soaring vocals and flute have enchanted audiences around the globe.

In the recent years Tenzin has worked with numerous prominent Australian musicians from many different genres:Michael Askill, Shen Flindell, Spiros Rantos, Ash Grunwald, Paul Coppen, Stringmansassy, Oscar and Marigold, Riley Lee, James Coats , Tsering Dorjee Bawa, Baattar Sukh, Cathedral Band, Marchelo Milani and Monks of Tibet allow Tenzin room to experiment with rhythm and structure, to challenge deeply entrenched Tibetan musical norms and find a place in the complex tapestry of global sounds.

Tenzin plays the dranyen (long necked lute), lingbu (transverse flutes) various ritual objects and is well-known for his extraordinary vocal ability.

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Gay Lhasa

The population of Lhasa is about 200,000 (that's about 8,000 Utopians - members of the website Utopia Asia).
Popular Cruising spot
Park located at the back of the Potala Palace. Usually you can meet people after 9pm at the facilities there, including gay Tibetans.

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Source: Utopia Asia

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Who's this dude? It's one hot video!
P.S. If I'm not wrong this is Tenzn Thokmey. More info on this artist can be found here.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

March 10: Out of Exile, Into the Streets!


It's time for us to RISE UP and get out of the monotony of our day-to-day exile life and get into the streets to protest China's continued illegal occupation of Tibet.

The Chinese government wants the world to believe our fight is over. They say Tibet is a part of China and Tibetans are happy under Chinese rule. We must RESIST their lies and fight back. Our people continue to suffer each and every day - denied their basic human rights and freedom.

Lhasa Today

Yes, the Tibetan capital city of Lhasa has been tranformed -- into yet another sprawling Chinese metropolis, complete with brothels, karaoke bars, nightclubs, mass tourism and shopping arcades. The majority of economic benefits from these recent developments are reaped by Han Chinese migrants rather than the ethnic Tibetans to whom the land belongs. To see the full photo report by Adam Dean Click Here.