Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rooted - Dharamsala

10 year old Mingyur from Cornwall visits the Tibetan community in India to discover her Tibetan roots. She spins prayer wheels, checks out some Tibetan dance moves, and has a monsoon water fight. She also meets the 17th Karmapa and asks his advice on growing up in England.


Surjasha said...

This story was so touching and this lovely little girl's approach to her culture and relationship with her mother is so beautiful. I wish the father too had expressed his part of the story, especially how he found the woman who would be her mother and fell in love with her. What a fascinating journey for the mother, who now can pass on so much to this lovably curious and precocious child.

David Oliveras said...

What a magnificent video. Absolutely lovely young lady and quite an epic story of courage and faith. Well done.