Thursday, December 14, 2006

Advantages of getting it cut

A new breakthrough research has proved what doctors and campaigners have suspected for years. Circumcision can cut down HIV risks by halve. Yesterday Kevin de Cock (Oops), head of the World Health Organisation's HIV/Aids department, said it could cut the numbers of infected men by "many tens of thousands, many hundreds of thousands and maybe millions over coming years".

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Tibetans do not practice circumcision. Are there any specific cultural reasons for that? Almost all Muslims and people from Jewish faith are cut. Hindus generally don’t and Christians differ largely depending on which tradition they belong to.

A survey shows that South Korea has the largest absolute number of teenage and adult circumcisions anywhere in the world. About 75% all men in South Korea may be circumcised.

Come Undone – Movie Clip

Gorgeous, bronzed bodies on the beaches of France and a passionate romance between two French youths are reason enough to buy Come Undone, but this bittersweet film also has something poignant to say about the heartbreak of gay first love.

"S├ębastien Lifshitz' Come Undone is the most mature depiction of a young gay male's romantic awakening I have ever seen."
Jan Stuart, The Advocate

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