Sunday, December 17, 2006

White Winter

I decided to go out last night to celebrate after having completed a long project on which I have been working for months. The moment I walked out of my apartment, it started snowing. Like always last night's snowfall came without warning and the mood out in the street changed instantly - the snow had some kind of magical effect on all of us. Couples started kissing each other and lots of people were on the phone calling their friends and family. The snow gave each one us a reason to reconnect with people who we love.

Anyways I was alone and on my part I started to wonder who I could call - family or a friend. Sadly, no one in particular came up in my mind. It was weird that when I looked around the block, everyone was in pairs. A boy and a girl hugging and kissing, a boy and a boy sharing a smoke. It was quite a beautiful sight.

I then took a cab and went to my favourite bar. Right outside the bar, my favourite waiter and his boyfriend holding hands, called out my name and said, "Tenzin, come in fast, it's really getting cold outside." I am home now I thought...

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Sherab said...

That text was charming, and picture too. Only needed to say that.