Monday, December 11, 2006

Gay Tibet Speaks out

On 9th December, two members of the Tibetan gay community, Tenzin and Jampa went on air on a Tibetan webcasting forum TIbetan Bridges and spoke openly about their lives as gays. This was the first time for the Tibetan youth community to witness such an open discussion to take place.

Homosexuality in the Tibetan community is as common as in any other community in the world but like most asian countries, Tibetans have so far refused to acknowledge the fact that we do exist. Thanks to TibetanBridges we've now been able to tell our brothers and sisters that we are here to stay.

We would like encourage other gay Tibetans to speak up and be yourself. There's nothing to fear. Lead a healthy happy life. If you are gay and would like to reach out, please write to gaytibet[a]

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And here are some videos

Two young boys come out


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